Order Process and FAQs

We do not accept returns or exchanges on any of our products. All of our products are given a multi-point inspection upon completion and will not be delivered or installed if it is different than agreed upon in the order
Do I Have To Pay A Security Deposit? 
Yes, We require half payment up front as a non-refundable security deposit on all custom orders. This provides us with the funds to purchase all the materials needed for your project and ensures we attract the right clientele who are serious about purchasing custom Furniture.
If you are ordering something from the website, it is still custom built but the full payment will be due at checkout.
Do You Deliver? 
Yes! We can deliver up to a certain distance away from Raymond NE. We charge a $75 delivery fee to Lincoln/Omaha Areas. Anything outside of that area will be priced accordingly. The delivery fee is NOT included in the table price. All orders within the website will have the option for pickup or delivery. if you choose delivery the delivery fee will be added to the total cost.

How does your shipping work?
We ship all of our furniture fully assembled and ready to use upon arrival. Shipping will either be done with one of our West Mill Design drivers and be hand delivered to you in our delivery vehicle or we will hire a skilled and trustworthy transit company to deliver your item. All delivery drivers will assist to carry the items into your home with you.
Items are always blanket wrapped and secured to ensure a safe delivery.

Is there ever damage during shipping?
While anything can happen during the shipping process the most damage we generally see is a small scuff or rub on the painted surfaces. This can generally be wiped off. We also send touch up paint with every order for this very reason. We also include the touch up paint for that first bump or scratch that happens to it during daily use. This ensures that you can make those little touch ups with the exact paint that was originally used to finish your piece.
Do You Accept Custom Orders? 
Yes! Custom orders are all we do! This ensures our customers receive exactly what they are looking for. Contact WMD with a detailed description of what you are wanting. Photos help to nail down the design process
What Is The Turnaround Time? 
 Turnaround time is typically between 10-14 weeks from order date to ship date, but can vary depending on the size of your order and how many orders we have in queue. Exact Timeline will be provided upon the order.
Where Are You Located? 
West Mill Design is Located in Raymond NE. Raymond is just outside of Lincoln NE.
How Do I Return A Piece? 
All sales are FINAL. Once the second half of the payment is paid, the sale/contact is completed and cannot be refunded or returned. Although the deposit is non-refundable if you have an issue after delivery or install we can discuss the options. Additional requests will be billed on a material/labor price. If you damage a piece we can repair it for a repair fee-see below.

Other characteristics of handcrafted, solid wood furniture include open knots, visible brush strokes, micro-imperfections and textural variations in the durable, hand brushed finishes, unique distress marks, exposed screws, wood filler marks, joint lines, and distinctive nicks, splits, cracks, and other imperfections. We allow up to approximately 1" of variation across all measurements due to the custom nature of the handcrafted furniture we build.
Those who do not appreciate variations and imperfections should not purchase handcrafted furniture. 
Solid wood may expand and contract due to changes in temperature and humidity. This means that the gaps between the boards of a traditional table top may get wider over time and will need to be cleaned. This natural movement enhances the one-of-a-kind beauty of solid wood, handcrafted furniture. It does not affect structural integrity and is not considered defective. These 
For customers that prefer to never have gaps between their table top boards, we recommend choosing our jointed top option, which eliminates cracks and spaces between the boards in the table tops. Jointed tops expand and contract as a whole.
You will still see the beautiful and natural open knots on jointed table tops. We do not offer machine manufactured perfection - no two pieces are exactly alike since West Mill Design Co furniture is crafted to your order specifications

All pieces are handmade. No two pieces are alike. Each will vary in grain pattern, knots, etc. 

WMD used Minwax Stain and Behr Paint. Stains finish differently on each piece of wood but the colors will be close to the can of stain. Paint is matched as close to the color desired. If you choose white we use the Home Depot Cameo White unless otherwise specified.

We hand make everything, including the table tops. These are not factory built pieces and may not be perfectly level or flat. We work to make them as flat as possible but just know that they will not be perfect. All tops are built with dominos to create a mortise and tenon joint and hand sanded on the top.

Each piece will have small imperfections which is part of the custom process. This includes, but is not limited to, knots, cosmetic/surface cracks in and between boards, unevenness, levelness, etc. Creases and/or cracking in and between the boards over time/changing of seasons is completely normal. Wood is an ever living object and can shrink/expand during changing seasons/temps/humidity changes, this makes it susceptible to warping. All of our tops are built from hardwood to limit these issues but wood can still change with climate. We recommend keeping your furniture indoors and in normal temperature range (any temp between 50-85) as the finish and table itself can become damages in extreme cold or heat. Again, we strive to make each piece as perfect as possible. If any creases or cracks appear over time and you don’t like the appearance-they can easily be filled with stainable wood filler and stained to match the table. We can do this for a small fee or you can do it yourself.

Custom built pieces (cabinets, buffets, specialty coffee tables, etc) are built as close to given specs as possible, specs may vary slightly but will be no greater than 3 inches in any one direction. Drawers are also handmade and may not be perfect-examples of imperfections include but are not limited to: drawers may be slightly tight when closing, drawer faces may protrude or intrude slightly, black spaces my vary around the drawer faces if they are not overlay drawers, etc.

Chairs are assembled and finished in our shop to match the custom built table.
Once your order is ready-you have 14 days to pickup your order or else it will be forfeited and placed up for sale on our page unless prior arrangements have been made.

The 50% Security deposit is non-refundable for any reason. We use this for materials. Once the item is complete and second half of payment is sent, the sale is FINAL and there will be NO refunding or returning of the item. If you have an issue with the piece we made for you (in regards to structural issues not for incorrect color or size given to us when placing order etc), please let us know before sending the second half so that way we can fix the issue at hand for you or work out other options or forfeit the final payment for the return of the product if we do not feel there is an issue.

West Mill Design is NOT responsible for wrongful orders. If you choose the wrong color, send us the wrong measurements, etc. there WILL be a repair fee to repair/remake the item. West Mill Design is also NOT responsible for damage to an item or any injury caused by any piece of furniture once it has left our possession. It is your duty as a buyer to properly use the furniture for its designed purpose only.
If you get your item shipped, and it is damaged upon delivery-you must make a claim with the shippers insurance as we take photos of each item before the shipper picks it up. We are not responsible if the item is damaged in transit. If an item is damaged and you’re local- we will gladly repair for you-however there will be a transportation and repair fee. If you are not local, please get with the shipper to file a claim with their insurance and we will be more than happy to make a new one for you and ship with a different carrier. 

You are agreeing to these conditions and acknowledging you’ve read this disclaimer in its entirety once submitting deposit/full payment for your order.

 Last Updated: 9/1/2020